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The Beauty of Truth.

I wrote this for a wandering musical soul whose story I heard and therefore I wrote something special for her. It had to do with a religious sect who has pursuaded her to halt her music career labeling her artistic efforts sinful. Now, I have stripped my letter to her of the personal subjects that related specifically to her situation and I share it with you here. I share it with you because I feel motivated to inspire folks that need to nurture their God given gifts and protect their individual and personal relationship with the Lord. I've also expanded upon the letter so that it applies to many.

The beauty of truth.

Every one is born with special talents. When you discover your purpose through those special talents, you have engaged yourself with the will of God. The task now is activity and renewal.

To ignore one's purpose, well, that is a sin.

Jesus Christ came to preach a mystical method of worship. Not a method based upon religiousity that robs the precious individual soul of their God-given talents because a collective mind, an established religion, tells an individual how they ought to live. In other words, washes their brain with man-made regulations in order to control a collective.

God gave us FREE WILL. Our will. To have a personal relationship with HIM. Yes, prayer in community is amazing, beautiful, and very powerful. But the power is in each individual's personal relationship with the Father, through the example of Jesus Christ, coming together as a holy collective to CELEBRATE LOVE in worship.

The mystical method, was far beyond what man could corral with mere words. To corral with words, means to control. The Father is in Control, through the power of divine love. To love is to nurture, to water, to feed, to give and to receive. Jesus gave example of this. Because the heart and the soul speak in a mystical language so deep and profound, the only way to understand is through LOVE. Only love....positive, loving, encouraging, evolutionary LOVE.

Lean not on man's wisdom, but on the wisdom of the Lord, which is truth. Religion is not church. Religion is a mind set. Jesus Christ taught that LOVE is all there is. To love and respect and seek wisdom in all things. To rely on divine intelligence. A church is a gathering of like-hearted folks who love and worship the Father, and celebrate one another's gifts. Who seek to deepen their knowledge of LOVE. Jesus is gentle. He is love. He does not scold. He does not abuse the soul and talent of the Father's precious children. He doesn't condemn. He doesn't shame his sheep into thinking, yes thinking a certain way. He doesn't punish. Man's ego does all that.

During His earthly works, Jesus Christ entered into the den of thieves, into the chamber of the forsaken, and ate with the castaways. He dwelled with sinners and spoke with them about the Good word. Love. A sinner is one separated from their purpose, and thus separated from LOVE. Separated from the activity of their purpose.

Jesus entered into places where God could send His only Son. Because He knew the language of LOVE. That is the way that the Father works. He relies on His children to be His instrument of peace. (Remember that Jesus was condemned by MAN for His unique way of worship and divine instruction. For His walk with the outcasts and those precious souls in need of healing that the Pharisees would kick aside to enter their temple of worship. Jesus became the most exaulted example of the destruction that man's ego and collective opinion and religious rules causes!)

And to be an instrument is to be available to His calling, no matter where it may take you. And He calls you through your God given talents. You're ability to be active in LOVE. Many of God's children, even those not yet awaken to the Word, often times can only be divinely aroused through seemingly random events that simply, ever so simply, touch their souls -- like music.

God wants to Communicate to His children, through you. He arranges your life and draws you to people who believe in your talent and thus foster and open doors, so that HE can complete His WORKS through you. How the heavens rejoice when a soul is saved. Saved from the harsh life of living without fulfillment by virtue of an individual's gifts engaged and fully utlized for goodness.

The army of an individual who has a personal relationship with the Lord and thus uses their God given purposeful talents for His will whether in the den of theives, to the broken spirited, to those who are spiritual, and to those who are lost, no matter where they are....oh, my goodness...that is salvation.

Listen to the Father. Go to your heart where the answers are beating in rhythm for YOU to understand.

Jesus is calling you to LISTEN to YOUR heart. Leave your anxious mind where man made ruin occurs. Pray for TRUTH. Be active in your God given talents which are a gift to the world. Allow the Father to work through you so that you can lead others home to their heart, too, through your precious talents.

Now is the time to fully be present to the Father's calling. This world is in dire need of love and renewal. Just when the Father is working at a a child's (meaning you) highest calling, the wolf lay to devour that soul, and many times, through the method of USING the Father's words and twisting them into chaos, thus twisting a child's mind to turn away from the heavenly Father's WILL.

You may wish to read Eckart Tolle's A New Earth, which is great at explaining things of the ego in religion.

Peace and love and may the light of understanding expand into your body, mind and soul, so that the seed of your truth will fully blossom into song. Pray for Holy truth to be revealed unto you. God bless you. May the beauty of Holy Truth be revealed to you, child, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.


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