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Walk in Love.

Happy Passion Day. Today is the day the Lord rose from the human experience of flesh and blood, to return to His highest energy as Great Creator, Father/Mother. He walked in Love here on the Earth. Those that didn't understand and thought that such Love threatened their concept of obedience according to man-made rules and mis-interpretations about the Power of heaven, here on Earth knew not what they do and decided to expedite the expiration of Jesus Christ.

Today I attended a brand new church which I loved. The stations of the Cross were all of Native American Spiritual figures. There is a Labyrinth on the 13 acre property, and the celebrant is a very loving kind Priest who is happily married with children. In my humble opinion, this makes me glad. St. Mark's Episcopal Church offered the perfect blend of heaven and earth in LOVE.

My friends, this Happy Passion Day remember that you are created to be the image that dwells in us. The image of our Lord and Saviour who WALKED IN LOVE. He is Pure Love, Pure Truth, and is Gentle and Fun. Remember this: Jesus LOVED to SMILE. His image was full of HONESTY, LOVE, JOY, HOPE, and COMPASSION. He promoted Spirit to be in constant craving for Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence which equals the opportunity for Divine Awareness. The Image of Fullness.

Recognize the image in all of those, including yourself, even if such an image is not obviously present because somewhere in their lonesomeness and confusion, there resides their LOVE and TRUTH. Encourage the goodness to come forth.

Water your Spirit with LOVE. Take on the challenge to live the Call within yourself. That CALL to Love, to nourish, to refresh, to renew.

"Believe in new life within yourself, no matter what has gone before." -- The Reverend Battle Beasley http://www.stmarksantioch.org/

Stay blessed, sweet people... Be gentle and kind to yourself. Hold tight to the beauty within through the art and act of gratitude to the Creator. All things are possible in Christ. Surrender to LOVE and WALK FREE.


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