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Go Do Be

Our home recording studio is so slammin now that we converted to all MAC and had our friend from Guitar Center, Nashville completely tweak it. I can't believe this blessing. To be able to record studio worthy material sitting in my underwear, rolling out of bed in the middle of the night to give life to a melody by recording it in my OWN home studio.

You just have to be resourceful. Not wait around for anyone. I encourage any musician out there to take that extra day or night job you hate, and turn around to be positive. Earn money to get a Protools rig or Logic. That is the ticket, to improve your home studio environment. Be your own music developer. Record. Don't wait.

Big budget recording doesn't exist anymore. There is absolutely no reason to have to wait to rely on anyone. Teach yourself anything you want to know. God thank you for this era where we can easily access videos, books, and vast information on the internet. A global resource. Be a research junkie. Keep on developing your craft. There is no such thing as major label development.

That goes for the book writer out there. Create it, produce it, get it out to the world for a modest fee. Marketing is so much easier with the internet. Join all the groups, forums and blogs you can that have to do with your subject of interest. Ask questions, make friends, create art. There's a vast community out there that will support what you do and encourage you in ways that were not available only a few short years ago.

Creativity is like air. It's there. It's available. Ask God for the tools you need to accomplish something. You'll be amazed what happens. It comes to you.

Last night I stayed up til the late hours mixing and editing my song Gotta Roarrr. It had been a demo for effin ever! I always wanted to re-do that song. No problem. Standing in my pajamas, revved up to sing with my kitty kat by my side and Mr. Patrick operating the rig, there I bellowed into Stella (my beloved microphone). And then could craft as I wish. Nah, let's redo that line I want to try this...that. Then Mr. Patrick had to leave for a short tour with Tracy Lawrence, so I took over the controls and went to work, Dunkin Donuts coffee in one hand. Kitty kats purring near by.

BLISS. I worked, prayed, pined for this moment. I love it. My beautiful readers, friends, family....I encourage you to take action. Wait not a moment longer to live your dream. Every action is a dream in forward motion. Go, do, be.

Love to you and Happy Passion Day,

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