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Harley-Davidson's EPIC Women's Day Parade.


Presented by Sasha http://www.bikerlady.com/:

Yeah, the skies were pregnant with a little rain all day. But I'll tell you what didn't wait to drop, TEARS of JOY. Oh, the 400+ women riding in the parade felt the tears take a cheekward stroll as we participated in a history-making event. Harley-Davidson's first ever women's parade. Apparently it was 500 strong. All I could gather was several lines of Harleys and Buells stacked up ready to ride -- I had no idea what the final count was.

From Music City USA, I rode the southbound twists and wide open highway enroute to my destination: the curvaceous celebration of Harley and Buell chicks riding together in the first ever Parade of its kind. Oh the power of our HOURglass - it is ALL in the CURVES as folks hailed the femme force of riders roarrring down International Speedway and onto A1A! Led by Karen Davidson of the Harley-Davidson empire and a group of six selected females who wrote compelling essays about their riding experience and mentors, including the female executives of Harley-Davidson's women's outreach program, we waved and revved blazing a new Parade trail.

The Parade was also a fundraiser for MDA.

The energy was full throttle excitement. Let the pictures tell the story.




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