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Mourning, Morning in the wild west.

Hello my lovely friends.

I know, I haven't posted in awhile. You see...it's mourning time. Daddy Poppi went to heaven on the evening of April 5th and I still haven't processed this spiritual transformation and his physical presence not being here, with me. I was with him when he transformed. I cannot write more about it at the moment.

After Poppi passed on, I went home to Nashville and sat by the river. I worked on some music and kept to myself. I knew I had to make it to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the Sturgis Bike Week Committee meeting for the Miss Sturgis contest. It was hard to get myself together for it. I was feeling close to home, and wanted to just be quiet, but I am loyal and enthusiastic about winning this title to benefit all us scooter tramps who just can't get enough of riding our motorcycles and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Well, I missed the first meeting which was for April 7th, due to the passing of my beloved Poppi. Though, I was bound and determined to be loyal to my entry into this contest and make it to Sturgis for the 14th. So here I am. The day of the last possible meeting before the committee would choose who will be Miss Sturgis. It ain't easy folks. This bohemian chick is up against some gorgeous hotties who are just so lovely, smart and all Bo Derek ten and tan. But, hey, I clean up good.

All of you know, that I am no super model. It's a big stretch for me to enter any kind of contest. The Bucket List movie, as I had mentioned, inspired me to enter with a mission to be like a female ambassador to all riders for my very favorite rally in the world, to celebrate women who ride, and to promote the legacy of Sturgis, South Dakota and surrounding areas related to the rally. And to have a hella fun time with everyone who would come to meet the Girls of Sturgis Bike Week. It's all about having FUN. So, I didn't enter it from a beauty standpoint, unless you count inside beauty.

My calendar shoot was me in my grease monkey looking road jeans, 8 inch clear platforms and a black and silver shirt, or orange leather shirt. I brought some sexy cool things with me, but considering the background, grafitti and art, and the words all you need is Love in the Beatlesque themed area of Art Alley in Rapid City, the outfit all fit quite well. Marla from High Maintenance Salon in Rapid City did my hair and makeup. She's awesome. She also does Jasmine Cain's hair, too.

Here I was proudly coupled with a black Harley-Davidson Cross Bones softtail. Oh, yes, I'm a small chick, 5'2, measurements oh about 33 2/3, 28, 36. I'm sort of like a Picasso painting come to life, where things have unique proportions. Oh, I gave good face....I gave good spirit in those photos. I'm an alley cat sex kitten. hahahhahahaha. But, I wasn't draped on the bike because quite frankly the only way I know how to drape myself over the bike is for a good night's sleep where I lay my head on a blanket, on top of the tank and stretch my legs up and over my bundle on the ass end of the bike. : )

The meeting with the Sturgis Bike Week committee folks was terrific. A fine bunch of people so loyal and dedicated to the wonderful rally operations and their customers. The meeting was held at Lehman Trikes. Now there's an interesting story. Read all about the founder of Lehman Trikes and learn more about how he took a Chevy Vega chassis and crafted his first trike in order to accomodate the comfort of his family and take them along for his motorcycle adventures. The trike is an important vehicle in the motorcycle culture. It's origins of course ...the tricycle. Read all about Lehman Trikes - Leader of the Three World here: http://www.lehmantrikes.com/ They offer an awesome variety of styles and models to choose from. Most of us who ride two wheels don't think often about the trike. ... but it is a sensational world to discover for us riders. I encourage women who don't feel comfortable on two wheels but want to ride, to investigate the trike. After all, you can carry a whole lot more shoes and accessories on a trike!

I went on air at 93.1 in Rapid City, and then on the air at X-Rock in Spearfish. These are some serious stations here in the Black Hills. I should say seriously FUN stations. X-Rock even played some snipets of the music we've been working so hard on back home in Nashville. What an honor to have appeared live on both stations.

I'm so grateful to everyone at Sturgis Bike Week, XRock, 93.1, Lehman Trikes and my dear friend Pepper. I'm also grateful to everyone who took the time to comment on my contestant page, to Cyril Huze, Rick Fairless, Vicki Gray, Tom Guest, Debbi Davids, and so many other terrific wind brothers and sisters who have supported my entry in this contest.

It's morning time here in Lead. My intentions were to make my way to Denver last night but I was told that there was a bunch of wild life on the road at night. Whew...I'm not in the mood to dodge antelope. So, I figured let me get some good sleep at the Ponderosa...and grabbed a cabin room. I'm snowed in...so I have no idea how far I'll get today. I didn't expect to be snowed in, considering the last few days reached upwards of 80 degrees here in the beautiful Black Hills.

It's been quite a journey ... this April 2008. I'm tired and I want to go home now. Last night I was all kinds of weepy because I just missed Daddy Poppi so much and here I am snowed in alone ... but the Black Hills comfort me, too. And so do all of you.

Peace, love and steady as she rolls....


Mimi said...


So sorry to hear about your Pop. I lost mine when I was very young. It's something you never really get used to.

On another note, glad to hear that you made it to all the Miss Sturgis stuff! Sounds like a blast. You're a winner whether you get the "title" or not (but you WILL win!)

Take good care,

Dean "D-Day" said...

I checked out your pictures on the Sturgis website. Biker, classic & sexy. They rock!

I'm so sorry to hear about Poppi. From your writings, he sounded like a beautiful person. I know that his shining soul has got to be keeping company with our Heavenly Father. Keep the faith.

Stay the course.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Sasha...I'm so sorry to hear about your Poppi. You are in my thoughts and prayers...

Liz (rippin-kitten) said...

I just starting catching up on my reading and I saw this. My sincere apologies to hear of your bad news. My best to you and your family.

Chuck said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Sasha. I lost my dad just over a year ago and it still hurts during my quiet moments.