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Dedicated 2 Daddy Poppi.

Dear Daddy Poppi:

I wish I could be with you right now. You're a precious and an amazing father. Know that I'm always thinking about you. I'll be there to see you soon.

Hey to all in the world. It's a big spiritual movement when your Daddy Poppi is terminally under-the-weather.

My earth father...is where most of my personality comes from. I'm so much like you, Poppi. I love being like you because you're unique. I'm having a really hard time accepting what's happening to you Daddy Poppi, no matter how deeply I study spiritual subjects. Love is soul. And for the time on earth, Love is very visual, too. I love to watch you, Daddy Poppi, because you are so sweet and a stunning artist. Not to mention, far intelligent than most folks I'll ever meet. In this department, well, I could use alot more doses of your genius.

I dedicate all my art works, all my journeys to you, Daddy Poppi. Gosh, dealing with these treatments is so tiring, I know. You've always been so full of life. It's tough to comprehend....well, accept is really the word I meant to say.

I'll bring all my art supplies and we can draw together. I want you to create my next tattoo, okay?

I have to post to the world because to keep all this to myself makes me feel I could burst with sorrow. When I share, I feel bursts of love from all over the world who share this portion of the journey of life, and the love of a parent. We are all one and in this oneness, encouragement and love is essential to peace.

Thank you for my life, Poppi. Thank you, my star Daddy Poppi. Glowing healing divine light beams from the universe to you. Peace and love. God bless you and treasure you.

Love your wild child in the wind.

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