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Finalist Round 2 Miss Sturgis Contest!

My dear friends and family and those new folks who I haven't yet met who supported the Miss Sturgis contest:

Thank you so very much for your love and support. I have made first place in the second round of the Miss Sturgis contest. There are two more rounds to go and then Miss Sturgis will be selected. Since I am now a finalist, one of 12 final girls from which Miss Sturgis is chosen, I am no longer in the voting catagory.

The Sturgis Bike Week committee will select the Miss Sturgis winner after the fourth round of voting and all 12 finalists are selected. With that, I encourage comments to be placed on my Miss Sturgis contestant page so that the committee understands why you voted for me, and how much you love Sturgis, and all about YOUR passion for riding. http://www.misssturgis.com/girls/?p=5 and place your comment.
I am truly honored by your support. The comments on my contestant page are breathtaking, I feel ya'lls beautiful glowing light in your hearts.
God bless you, treasured people in my life. I'm so happy about being a finalist and deeply grateful to the people who have supported this contest and voted for me. The passion that folks share for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally certainly shines; it's evident that the legacy of riders and racers over the 68 years is something to uphold and cherish.
To think it all started with Pearl and J.C. "Pappy" Hoel, an incredibly enthusiastic and generous couple who loved to share their passion for motorcycles with a family at large. Who knew this rally would evolve to be so big as to attract riders around the globe. The residents of South Dakota are warm and loving, and it's always a pleasure to receive their kind embrace during rally season.
To me, the Miss Sturgis title is to celebrate all that goodness and to recognize the female motorcycle enthusiast who journeys to the beautiful Black Hills on her own ride. I'd like to take this title to new heights, encourage people to follow their dreams, and to share the title to promote great causes.
Peace and love, Sasha

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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

YAY!!! Best of luck Sasha! You are Miss Sturgis for sure!!!