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A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for having no good ideas

I find this info super encouraging as you and I achieve our most desireable goals:

Did you know that:
· Einstein’s teachers told his parents he would never amount to anything.
· Thomas Edison went broke four times.
· Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
· A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for having no good ideas.
· Steven Spielberg was put into a class for students with learning disabilities.
· Colonel Sanders talked to 1005 people before he could find one person willing to try his recipe.

What’s inspiring to me about these highly successful people isn’t just their eventual accomplishments. It’s how they were able to overcome their early failures and go on to achieve greatness.

How did they succeed where so many others fail? Because they each had a grand and sincere vision of what they wanted to accomplish. With a grand vision, there are no such things as permanent failures. There are only temporary setbacks. *

So, friends, hang in there and never give up. Last night, oh, I was a weepy girl....feeling blue about the struggles of juggling all this magical career stuff and making dreams come true...but I believe God blessed me with this sweet info today...so I'm passing it along to you because you know that I love you all and care so much about your well being and your own dreams coming true, too. Be true to self. Own your life.

Read this my dears: http://www.topachievement.com/persevere.html

Love, Sasha
*I found the above information at: http://searchwarp.com/swa141107.htm


KT Did said...

Thanks Sasha!.... I needed that!

Star883 said...

Hi Sasha !!!! i like your blog and your space !! congratulations !! sorry but my english is very bad, i'm a spanish girl, i'm a motorcycle girl , i've a sportster hugger 883 '93, ride ride ride ride FOREVER !! see you and... on the road again V'sss !!