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Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate Freedom! Happy 4th of July. Give thanks to our soldiers, the veterans. Preserve all forms of freedom. Be joyful and dedicate your life to following the natural gifts blessed upon you. Persevere even when you want to give up because giving up is like finally having a warm hot shower after many miserable months of only a cold bath of hardships. Just keep on going so you can capture the jacuzzi of your dreams. No matter who abandons you during your quest, and they will, because most people just can't be there for the ones carving a path in life, realize the one true love of your life will never abandon you and that is the Father of the Universe, the One God forever...and Jesus. So, rely on no human ever. Trust no one, no matter who they are. Only trust the spirit. Love 'em deeply, but never put your trust in someone without considering the spirit within. Humans are fragile and unreliable, like a piece of handmade pottery. Rely on yourself and your intuition, and ask for guidance of the divine. Wisdom will come to you through the mouths of others, yes, but then it's a matter of your deep knowing that will realize the truth behind words delivered to your ears!
So, rely on the strength of spirit within your soul....that is where home is to the Holy Trinity...inside yourself. Celebrate the freedom of the truth! The Trinity that sets you free...divine love, divine hope. Communicate with the divine in another because that is where you'll be closest to the truth of someone. It's hard to do, but worth it. Celebrate Freedom! Celebrate Truth! Celebrate Independence! Celebrate Love!

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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I always enjoy your blog postings. You are truly an amazing biker chick! You inspire me to live my dreams! Thank you!!