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A southern gent asks Poppi for my hand in marriage.

Love = Content.

Patrick has asked for my hand in marriage. I said:


My mother said "If you don't marry Patrick then Daddy and I are going to adopt him as our son. Then he'll be your brother, and that'll be weird...so...."

Now of course, Emma, my mother, didn't pursuade me to say yes...it was the amazing man that made me say YES! He's my buddy, my best friend, my coolio dude. I can't imagine life without my amazing man. And it feels very natural to consider Patrick my husband because he's the husband guy! So attentive and loving.

Now, the other day he came home with a surprise for me: a turntable! So last night I just played albums like ELO, Bad Company, T-Rex, and more!!! It was SO much fun.

There is so much to love about Patrick...he adores me and laughs easy. He doesn't know a stranger and is a very loving and caring man...he makes friends easily.
I'm ready to be a wifey. Especially Patrick's wife...I know that he will take good care of me, as I will for him. Our love is so amazing...because we are equal and respect one another.

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KT Did said...

You already know my congrats are at you with your wonderful man... its the turntable that got me! I got one for Christmas and I love it sooooooo! However, at my age rockin' out to Hair kinda threw my neck out :) Here Here to Turntables!!