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a Jay Hart sandwich.

a Jay Hart sandwich.

Yes....Chop Smiths is about deluxe custom bike building. It is rock n roll n skateboards. It is loud guitars and complex lyrics. That's the inspiration behind Jay Hart's builds. His bike builds are lyrical and complex. Aggressive like rock. And as personal as a skateboard.

Malysa Wyse and I decided to go to the Smoke Out...rekindle our wind sisterhood, after all it was eight years since I'd last seen her....a long time...

She was amazed at the artistry of bikes there, as was I -- sheer beauty --- sheer down and dirty elegance....can you imagine describing the sweet sweat of a custom build that tears up your knuckles elegant. But they are elegant. The elegance is in the refinement, the pursuit of individual excellence that makes the statement that This is ART! Motorcycles are art.

What I love about The Horse magazine is its raw and realistic presentation of the lifestyle and the machines...the holiness of the machines. Tore to the core. Exposing the soul of rider and ride. Speak! And you are welcomed to compose a winding piece -- elabroative and bold, sometimes jarring, whatever needs to be communicated...the craft of writing is so appreciated in The Horse.

And that brings me back to Mr. Jay Hart...the chop smith....he is elaborate and bold...his designs jarring and brilliant. So many of the bikes that I saw at the Smoke Out truly belong in an alternative gallery of artistic expression having to do with all things motorcycles. In fact, perhaps I'll suggest that to Hammer....

Peace & love.... and happy trails and keep on s'milin...


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