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On the road to Sturgis...this is a dream. To reunite with my friends and "family" those who I totally adore... Do you know I forgot to take photos, too? Because I was so immersed into the moment of being with my beloved friends on the road that I didn't think about preserving the memory with a camera....my heart was enraptured and captured the moment.
I took a handful of photos on this journey....certainly for my new book. This one will be one of the photos indeed. Note how this bungee queen is able to carry all of her treasures on the ass end of Tigerlily my little chopped out Sportster.
Do you know that I learned so much while on the road...this trip was unique because I focused on the Spiritual elements of the journey...very much so and there's more spiritual moments to be had as I'm planning another journey to support this book. As I rode along I realized just how fragile I am...how little as I struggle to climb the mountain of my dreams... How no one has the power to remove from me opportunity, except myself. I can calmly and softly create opportunity. Calmy and softly respond to opportunity, but if the receiver of the project energy cannot be soft and calm and in a receiving mode....then opportunity can be altered... that is why we must be ever mindful of our actions. So as not to CRUSH someone elses' dreams, but RATHER to encourage...softly encourage and gently nourish dreams for others.
As I rode along in the terrible heat index on my way home from Sturgis, I realized that I have boundaries...the heat of hell is a boundary for me. I do not want to suffer from triple digit heat index, so I must know when to stop. When to rest on a journey when the heat is too much.... the heat was so dangerous this trip. I didn't realize how much it affected me. I had to stop and shake off the willies...I was feeling sleepy and couldn't breathe while I rode! How crazy is that.
Riding is a life or death situation, but so is living... You either live while living or die while living. My meanderings proved this. While I twisted the throttle and witnessed the asphalt rush beneath me at 75 MPH, I thought about the speed of life...how it carries me. There were times when I purposefully rode at no more than 60 MPH even when the speed limit was much faster. I did this because it was important for me to immerse myself every so clearly in the moment of riding and absorb my surroundings...the prairies, the Black Hills, the serenity....
I realized that God spoke so much more clearly to me when I took my time. It wasn't all a blur...
There is much more to this journey...but it will be available in my new book Chrome Cowgirl.
Love and kisses...


Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm so glad you're back. I've missed reading your posts.

This one was absolutely beautiful! The spiritual side of riding is so important to me. This is the main reason I ride alone most of the time. Most of the "bros" want to ride mach 5 with their hair on fire while I like to take a more leisurely pace so I can totally immerse myself in my surroundings.

Everything in life comes at you way too fast these days. When I'm riding, I'm able to slow things down a bit and set my own pace. This becomes my time to speak with God, contemplate all the questions that plague my mind and "figure it all out."

KT Did said...

I call this the "zone out zone" where I become part of the whole shabang. I am not a "seasoned" rider like you are, but I experienced the heat/mind point of decision making on my first trip riding solo from No. California to So.Cal. It put my old body to the test on that one. I was glad, and am glad, that I do "ride my own ride"--and yes, just because of horrid heat. I don't like it either. But---Sturgis---ahhhhhh... still a dream for me, but I am very glad I got to go through your stories, and my friends' stories which I live vicariously through at those chosen moments of "Nah not for me----yet!" rides. Excited about reading another one of your wonderful books!

Dean "D-Day" said...


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Ok...I'm with Dean...I'm sure you are rolling ahead with wedding plans and your music and book but we miss your whimsical posting! :)

Hope all is well!

Javier883 said...

I love this picture. So natural and U look so happy!
By your turn signals I can tell your XL is 2001 or older, but very much like my 2001 (my best birthday gift EVER!)
Have you been to www.sportster.org?
Select "Boutique" to see awesome things people do to XLs.