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A new life begins as Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Lassiter
April 28, 2011
Po'olenalena Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Being married is awesome.  Patrick and I have been together five years this year and we've been through so much together in those five years.  He is a kind and gentle man with a huge heart plus he is super fun to be with and he makes me laugh all the time.   I've learned so much from his sweet Southern personality.  He's like sweet tea with a little moonshine.  And I guess I'm something like Sangria with sass.   All of our wedding photos totally show that we're best friends.  Lots of humor during our ceremony.  Not that we made fun of it, it's just that we were super high on life's a beach and we couldn't believe that we were finally getting married. Neither one of us had EVER been married before. 

Check out the slide show of our wedding that photographer Bill Stockwell put together for us:

Bill really captured our special life changing moment as we said our vows and celebrated our new life together.  There was another awesome photographer there, too, named Matt Thayer from the NY Times and I just can't WAIT to see his photos!!!!  What an honor that we will be the featured couple in the VOWS section of the NY Times May 22nd.  The amazing Lois Smith Brady composed the feature article about us.   That's a super nova Godincidence blessing all together, darlings.  Oh, I LOVE the NY Times and have always dreamed of my wedding being announced in my favorite paper of all time.  Even though I live in Nashville, I'm forever a NY city girl and someday we will live full on part-time, too. I've been scouting locations for our second someday home.  

Thank GOD for Patrick and my sweet life as Mrs. Lassiter.  I added my name Mullins to my middle name in honor of my Poppi.   

More to come. . . 

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Dean "D-Day" said...

Congratulations to the both of you, my friend. We all deserve some happiness in life. I'm glad that you found yours.