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Hair Hair Everywhere

Hair Hair Hair.
Here we are a trio of long haired earth-loving, ocean-loving, people-loving, peace-giving, divine-promoting, happy-dishing, soul-dancing, love-spreading, heaven-praising, spirit-dancing, light-laughing folk.

Our wedding was so out of this world.  So utterly transforming.  I feel completely changed.   There is definitely the Sasha before the marriage and the Sasha after the marriage.  Being united with a loving partner is absolutely life changing.  Patrick and I are together five years this year.  We've lived together for most of those years during which time we endured the struggles of being an artist and surviving, the Nashville Flood, the passing of my beloved daddy Poppi, and the challenge of choosing marriage.  Choosing is a process.   Choosing a mate is a study in companionship.  It's a chance to stand up and have the courage to look at yourself under a microscope and admit with sweat on the brow that life is short and it's time to take the good long look at yourself.  Waste no time on being an a$$ looking at life through a distorted lens.

A good partner is a mirror.  A good partner is patient and encouraging.  Companionship is a journey and you need to fill the tank of truth and love all the time.  It will gasp on empty if you ignore the gauges screaming "E."  And that spark...gotta keep your spark plugs clean and change 'em if they are tired.   Keep watch that the spark is pure and the engine is running cool.  You don't want to overheat with angry air.

My motorcycle teaches me to look at things like a good long ride with all the unpredictable happenings that could occur.  Looking through the motor lens of my modified Harley-Davidson things are so clear for me.  My motorcycle helps me make sense of things in the world, in life and in love.  After all, my motorqueen, Miss Tigerlily, brought me together with my Chrome Charming, Patrick, and his brute looking Harley-Davidson Springer with the long ape hangers.

When it seems like I can't make any sense of things, well I just let my hair down and get my knees in the breeze and ride free.   Standing on that Maui beach on April 28th, 2011, signing that certificate with lovely Eve Hogan officiating the nuptials -- our hair just a blowing in the breeze --- was the same feeling I get when I set out on an adventure:  the exhilaration of that brand new feeling when you set out on a new road; having an idea of the destination and knowing there will be some detours, exits and entrances, maybe a breakdown or two and then a restoration and more; and that overall surrender as I place my mustard-seed size faith in the new journey, setting my heart and soul wild and free as I welcome the excitement of the wide open horizon ahead.   It's that child-like feeling of gloriously losing yourself in the moment without a sense of hands controlling a tick-tock.  The only sound is your heart beating out of your chest with anticipation and that is your measure of time....none.

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