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In it for the Long HAUL.

When I first committed to getting my music project completed, little did I realize it would take so many years.  From the moment you write and arrange to the opportunity and $ to record it takes a long time.  Often times, I wanted to just set the project aside 'til some pinpoint in the future because the frustration to see a project through with minimal resources just pillaged the creative joy of it.  I would not give up and forget about it.  I just had to set it aside until I could love the process again.

That's being in something for the long haul.

The long haul is to haul your dreams around because you just can't set 'em on the side of the road forever like trash.  Can you image how littered roadways would be if that were the case?  No, you have to keep those dreams alive for the long haul.  Even though the dream is not so front and center where it needs to be.  'Cause other things get in the way of that vision.  Like, I don't know, an epic flood, family turmoil, unemployment, illness....

When that dream is locked and stocked in your heart, it's there for the long haul.  Take it out.  Play with it.  Give it life.  Don't toss it on the side of the road.

Yep, that music project is on the way again.  It's been a long haul.


Mimi said...

Nicely said :)

Skip + Dakota said...

Sasha, Anything in your life that is truly important to you will always survive the turmoil it may endure. It takes a special person who will never give up to pursue their dreams. You are a special friend! Who is going to come out on top.
God bless and "keep smiling".

Ruth Holland said...

Well said, hit my heart. The Flood is one I identify with. I too lost everything in 2005 during the Wilma Hurricane Flood of Key West. My motorcycle-my friend, floated in salt water. It took a year to ride again due to finances. My heart and prayers were with all of you in Nashville. The ride does go on and it is important to lock and load those dreams. I am glad I found this blog.