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Okay so I'm itchin to hit the road again really fast. It's in my blood. The ROAD. Two Wheels. But priorities took over. We got hit with another flood bummer last week (not near as devastating as May 2010) and so now I need to sit tight and supervise the dudes excavating the entire front of our house here in Nashville. They have to excavate all the way to the slab and put in a French drain. The May flood coupled with the hard rains last week just wrecked the front of the house drain capabilities. And, of course, Patrick goes back on the road. It sux that his career is always priority in this house and in my world because he's a bass player with a major country star and his chair is NUMBER ONE over everything. It's the way it goes in the relationship of being with a musician. I didn't know that.

So, my mandatory priority is taking care of the homestead while he's on tour. He's a good man and takes good care of me and has provided a nice home for this gypsy girl. Can't help, though, that the road constantly beckons my heart. It's in my blood. Two wheels move my soul. That is my secret wannahaveit priority, but in my selflessness, I am here in Nashville watching the baby animals and a contractor dude tear up the front yard.
Home is where the heart is and my heart shares the love of the road and actually having a real bed to lay my head at night with Patrick. Just wish I could fly my ride alot more like days of yor.
This flood stuff and a bummer economy has particularily messed up my roll this summer. But it surely made Sturgis 2010 that much sweeter to attend.


Ryllie said...

I am your soul sista in that "wanna rock the pavement" frame of mind....like you I too have other responsibilities.
Just know Sasha that many of us are there with you....heading out on that highway....Ride Safe n enjoy every moment!!!!

JoAnn Bortles said...

I know all too well just how precious it is to have a roof over your head. For me, it means everything. And having a secure, beautiful roof? Priceless! For most of my life the responcibility of the roof has been mine. Now I am responcible for two roofs. That leaves little time for wandering and playing. So playtime becomes very precious.
Running and workng a business, keeping the bills paid are brutal hard. I know all too well the load Patrick carries. It sounds like a good man and I know you would not be with him if he were not.

I think this year alot of people are being very thankful for what thy have. Whether it is a job or a roof. These are scary times. I know I am thankful simply for HOPE. I feel hopeful and right now that a rare thing. Hopeful for my business and that one thing fuels my world.
Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on so much in the m/c world. And it bothers me, but the little bit of play time I have, I spend at our lake cabin and that was my dream all my life. Actually, the lake place trumps my wanderlust. Its the place I was going for all those years. I guess I finally found it.

You and Patrick are a good balance. You compliment each other. Your home looks so peaceful and serene. Keep a close eye on those contractors. Make sure they do a good job. That's a lot of serious work they are doing.

S a s h a said...

Hey JoAnn. Playtime does become very precious. In this era, selflessness is the only way to encourage and inspire a better world and stronger family. Helping one another, laying down your "life" for another in need, being a strong and encouraging family member, and just being there for those you love and cherish. (However, boundaries are the key, too, a whole other topic) I'd love to just ride away sometimes, but the concept of living fully and being responsible is a gift, too, that too often gets overlooked. The ability to pay bills, the ability to engage in a fulfilling work, even though we may not have the opportunity to play enough. This world is in trouble and I for one will put aside some personal fun to make sure to contribute to this world becoming a better place through lending a helping hand, a leg up, whatever, even if the miles I desire to ride must be sacrificed and then again it is not really a sacrifice because the soul shines brighter than the sun for the love of helping others shine brighter.