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Facebook...takes over my blog!

Hey everyone. I haven't posted in my blog for ages because Facebook has become my daily blog spot but now I have way over the capacity of fans over 1,000 waiting to get into my profile. Wendy Jans is designing a new blog page for me that I'll be posting to which will combine the tumblr and blogger outlets. I hope my Facebook allows anyone and everyone to read it even tho you may not be a "friend" but you really are, it's just that FB won't let me accept anymore and the whole "like" thing is sort of weird to me; it's not even designed the way the personal profile space is and I LOVE the personal interaction with everyone.

There has been so much happening and I realize that if you don't go onto my Facebook page you may think I'm just this dormant chick. HellNO. I've been busy as ever and now traveling more. Just got hired back into the Broken Spoke family again and I'll be working with Easyrider events and LoneStar. Yeah, honeys! So, I'm getting a smartphone now (I've been holding off because that extra $30 per month to operate a smart phone can go to so many other cool things, like yard saling and saving up for a mototrip) Anyway, I realize that I need a smartphone now more than ever because there is so much interaction with everyone in the social media world and I just love all this opportunity to constantly compose the written word.

http://www.facebook.com/chromecowgirl - dig it. tell me via message if you can experience my facebook even if I can't add you as a friend because I have too many. if not...then I must do the whole "like" thing.

Can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures.

Lots of love and high vibe karma,

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IHG said...

I sometimes feel like Facebook has taken over my life! I have to remind myself to stop by my blog and show it some love. Glad to see you posted a few new things. Much love to you Sasha! Be looking for me next year at Sturgis...I truly missed being there this year!