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All in Good Time.

I think "All in Good Time" is going to be the name of my next song. This is what was blessed upon my heart this morning. What does it mean?

Let's take the word ALL - it suggests the sum or total, entirety

IN - inside of something, within

GOOD - positive, right, uplifting

TIME - the moment where preparation meets opportunity.

Our moments if we stick to our goals, to our purpose are fulfilled no matter where we are in our journey. As long as we are on OUR roads. The roads we own. OUR own paths.

These past few weeks I feel ripped from my center. Totally shaken up. Losing my Father is something I just can't seem to grasp no matter how much spiritual perspective I wash over this reality. It's my daddy and he's no longer on Earth. It's my daddy and he won't be walking me down the aisle for my hitch day. I know, I know, he'll be there in spirit. But, it's not the same as seeing my smiling Daddy Poppi standing there with his white hair all slicked back and beard and mustache meticulously groomed proudly in arm with his wildest child in the white, stripper-look meets flower-child, bridal gown, with all the family and friends surrounding me.

This I cannot seem to process. I cannot have a first dance with my Poppi, to the song that I would write for the occassion. God, my heart. It's just breaking and I need to be very strong and whole. It's like there's this gigantic ocean of emotions hanging out just behind my eyeballs and if I think too long about it, or look at photos of Poppi, I'll burst. So, for now, I cannot do either. It's overwhelming indeed. It looks like, I'm not grieving very well. Your probably right. My neighbor, Iva, printed out some how-to information because I was beginning to feel like a crack addict with no crack -- nervous, jumpy, combing my hand over my head, feeling my face, pacing, mood swingin' - a mess. Because I'm holding back this wave. I can't bear it, therefore I can't write too much about my Pa. "Pa" was the name I called him for a spell when I was little, because that's what Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie called her daddy. I even made this ridiculous bonnet for myself on my mother's sewing machine and would follow my "Pa" around and do "chores."

Anyway, my beautiful friends and family, I'll take you all along for the planning of this biker/musician wedding affair that will be like a Renaissance festival meets Billy Idol white wedding. I don't know when I shall start the planning. I'd like the wedding for September. It will be in the backyard here at the Lassiter ROCKS homestead. Yes, All in Good Time.

[stuff about my book challenges removed. it all worked out excellent. the publisher is honey to my soul - he understands respect for the artist.]

Another event I must overcome is the super oddity of this creepy Miss Sturgis contest that I put so much time and effort into. It proved to be just another commerical act in our precious motorcycle lifestyle that chips away at authenticity. This time it was a slap in the face to female riders and rally go-ers, especially me who invested time and knowledge to benefit the contest committee, encouraging them with new ideas, answering their questions, helping to establish a platform to make their contest an authentic avenue for the motorcycle industry sponsors seeking outlets through which to promote their product to the vast Sturgis audience. The contest would be a viable contender in the business, and it would be a marvelous example of truth in beauty = beauty in motion: the female motorcycle enthusiast and rider who is a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendee.

Amazing that the female motorcycle rider population is the FASTEST growing market in the industry and we are totally underserviced in the advertising arena. I mean, WE ride, we attend rallies, WE purchase motorcycles, parts, accessories. More and more women are customizing, learning to build, pick up a welding torch, it's a burgeoning and exciting market! We LOVE riding as much as our windbrother!

The female motorcycle rider has very little opportunity in the mass advertising, mass visual, to promote the sisterhood, afterall it's only recently that we began getting cool riding attire specifically suited for female riders, made by women who know what to design. It's only recent that these garments are being so heavily promoted, and thus purchased by the female ridership at large. How strange. Women have been riding since motorcycle were invented, and still, it we are considered newcomers to the lifestyle in the eyes of corporate giants. We are considered fringe minorities, which is so ridiculous. We are ignored and not considered sexy enough, sassy enough, hot enough; so the corporate giants recruit booty call girls to pose or random celebrities and teach 'em to ride in order to represent the femme fatale prowess roarrring. There is NOTHING more sexier than a real female motorcycle rider blasting along the road or the race track on her own motorcycle, truly living and breathing the lifestyle as an extension of her femininity. Rock that! Steady as she rolls! You can't manufacture HER truth, HER reality in a POSER who doesn't CARE except for HOW the IMAGE will promote her personal endeavors that have nothing to do with enjoying the ride and being a member of the 'hood!

However, it's time, high time, that the female motorcycle rider be able to receive opportunities that are usually reserved for the booty call girls who adopt the image of the rider but have no affinity to the sisterhood. It's time for sexy female motorcycle riders, who truly walk the walk and talk the talk to have a chance at opportunity and avenues to promote their works of art, their businesses, their presentations through speaking engagements -- at major motorcycle rallies and events.

It'd be interesting if the situation were changed. Sexy, Chippendale dudes as the voice of the motorcycle world, posing on the bikes, but they really didn't ride and had never been to rally. Sort of like a fake Marlboro Man, a fake sexy cowboy who pretends to ride and rope...but all he can do is sit in the saddle, clutch the rope, and hope to GOD the horse doesn't decide to run free.

Yeah, these poser dudes would get all the opportunity that the real Chrome Cowboys should be receiving. Advertising, speaking engagements, appearances, the fabulous opportunity to share their passion for riding and the rallies with the huge, loyal ridership - it would all go to the poser boy; and the real builder, the real rally-riding cowboy, the real enthusiast of the lifestyle who sees riding as an extension of his soul would have to sift through this mockery, see through the poser on the product, to relate to the marketing message.

The real Chrome Cowboy would once again be deprived of an opportunity to share his deep affection for riding and all things motorcycles, with the windbrotherhood and windsisterhood, because the poser would assume that role which would be of great benefit to ONLY the poser because that poser has no relationship whatsoever with the reality of the lifestyle or business and can only pretend what they know, and use the opportunity to drape themselves upon a cool bike to show affinity "look at me!" --- and/or take a crash course in the culture like an outside journalist does a quick study in order to try to speak intellegently about a group of wild chrome cowboys and cowgirls. And all they would do is speak in buzz words and canned terms like talking heads, but they would be talking bodies...aliens once again invading the precious culture.

The rally attendance numbers are down, Harley-Davidson is laying off 700 employees because of their sales losses, and you know what will happen? What happened years ago, and in cycles, the real rider, the loyal windbrother and windsister, will yet again rescue the market at large, because we are dedicated, loyal and deeply passionate about motorcycles and the lifestyle--- it is in our blood, our hearts, our minds and souls...every freakin' second of our lives. It's not just a trend to us; it's not just a phase we go through. We live and breathe the lifestyle. When will the big boys in the corporate world get it? Because of the authentic and genuine members of this culture, including the notorious clubs, all of us, --- we have something the masses want....a walk on the wild side of being true to oneself, and riding your own road, born to be....free to be...a celebration of the core individual, and the truth of human relationship through "family extenstion" through the windbrotherhood and windsisterhood. And it would all go back to, if I have to explain you wouldn't understand. And those that DON'T understand, and COP the image to be cool, will fall away just like a lie is swallowed up by the truth, which is always looming in the shadow of the lie -- to give LIGHT to the real deal.

And these opportunities are ALL IN GOOD TIME. GOOD TIME. Folks, I believe that NOW is the time for the female motorcycle rider to shine, and silouette the great sunrise as she rides into the vast horizon of opportunity that belongs to you, me, and the sisterhood at large. I believe NOW is the time where the windbrotherhood and windsisterhood will save the rally and bring truth therefore kicking out all lies, exposing rip-offs, crushing greed, tossing away everything false -- to the CURB, and then with all this trash off of our roadways, we can smoothly ride as easy rider wanderlusts along the ribbon of truth again and have fun.

All In Good Time, my friends and family.

with love and opportunity,

Sasha xo

photo by Bob Davis who is a publisher for Sturgis Rally News; a fellow Sturgis rally lover and resident who knows truth. Hey Bob, no matter what happened with this contest, you captured my joy for all things motorcycles and Sturgis in these photos and I'm eternally grateful. Too bad I wasn't photogenic enough to qualify for the title. www.sturgisbikeweek.com


Dean "D-Day" said...

Word. Once again, you said it all.

Stay the course sister.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Amen Sister!!! This is the BEST post I've ever read and you nailed it right on! Thank you for putting that out there and not being afraid to say it. I've never understood why Miss Sturgis is not a real woman rider. That's who it should be. All women are beautiful but to me it seems like the Sturgis committee feels like there is only beauty in a model.

Thank you for not being afraid to put it all out there! Wouldn't the Sturgis committee sh*t if the real women riders didn't attend their rally this year. Yep...I believe they really would!