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Here Comes Chrome Cowgirl.

Today, I finalized my manuscript. From the author's point of view anyway. I await my darling editor's commentary and keen editing for my review. I trust him; he's such a talented chrome cowboy with a touch of bad boy. He understands my crayon world -- Chrome Cowgirl's Guide to the Motorcycle Life -- the book sure to tickle many and arouse the seventh sense around the world. What is the seventh sense. A sense of self. Who you are. Really.

So, now the second total focus is on everything Chrome Cowgirl, of course, career wise it is the focus. The first total focus is Poppi. This Chrome Cowgirl will stay near to her Poppi to encourage him to experience his bucket list in a most bold way, of course. If you don't know what that means, read the previous post from yesterday. [update: the post had to be removed by orders of my mean mother]

Good thing my Patrick is a participant in my crayon world. Hence. We are both WANTED. [click on that photo strip on the left to enlarge it!] I want him; he wants me. Hee Ha. Ha. Sigh....can't wait to marry my man. What to do....?! Another thought for another time. We went to see the movie the bucket list, with a gigantoid bucket of popcorn....oh the calories...the oooozee butter. The enormoid diet soda! Anyway, my bucket list is to spend as much time with my Poppi, marry Patrick, be a good soul to everybody, encourage as many dreams around the world to come true so there will be lots of strong, happy folks. There's more, but that's good for now.

So, here comes Chrome Cowgirl drawing her own crayon trail to follow on her motorcycle, all around the globe. I'll write more later on. I have to go help Patrick set up my ol' futon that I slept on for years in NYC. Now it's actually going to be used as a flop couch in our music room. I have a real bed to sleep in now.


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