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I'm in love with Ziggy. He's a crooner alright. He keeps himself well groomed. He loves to sparkle. He makes me sparkle too. Patrick knows about Ziggy. In fact, he introduced Ziggy to me.

Ziggy is my new guitar. He's a Les Paul Epiphone Gibson guitar. I decided to improve my guitar skills so that I can play live when I sing, from time to time. You see, I very much enjoy having my hands free and focusing totally on the rapture of vocals and audience, without the interruption of an instrument to play.

But, since meeting Ziggy...this has all changed. I love this guitar. I'm on a journey with Ziggy. We are inseperable now. Patrick asked me last night via telephone from somewhere in Texas, have you petted Ziggy? Meaning, of course, have I practiced? At that time I said, no, because I had not gotten to Ziggy yet. Last night I went into a trance and it was a date with Ziggy. When Patrick called back later after his show I announced that some heavy petting went on between me and Ziggy. And that I knew how to dial him in.

I'm always writing. I've got songs, I've got books inside of me. They are all competing to be shared at once with the world at large. Now-a-days, I have the blessed opportunity to follow my dreams daily and not bartend or work a part-time temp job any more thanks to my wonderful Patrick who encourages me daily to create and be and spend my time as I wish since all these years since I was a young girl I had to work at things that just sapped my creative diligence.

Ziggy is readily available at all times to play and create with. He's my new best friend. I shall take him with me everywhere I possibly can. There's much to learn from a good guitar. They teach you dedication and discipline. They teach you flow and melody. They teach you to come out of your shell and experiment with the arrangement of notes that are already destined for you to invent a song recipe. Ziggy is helping me to focus on my music again. Ever since I moved to Nashville some two and a half years ago, I have not been able to get out there and do silly improv and Miss Motorella style performing. How strange. This is music city after all.

With Ziggy, I feel that NYC boldness coming forth again. Like we want to hit the town like some bad ass Studio 54 duo whereby everyone wants to see our outfits and hang out with us and dance the night away. Even if I get caught up in the rapture of song as a vocalist and I must ask Ziggy to sling to the side for awhile, it feels good to have my boy hanging with me nonetheless.

Oh Ziggy gets his exercise and rightful attention when Patrick comes home. Patrick takes that boy and plays hard ball on that fret board. He wrestles notes and melodically spars with him. Ziggy enjoys that because he digs playing a good came of catch this drift with Patrick. Those boys go at it on that musical playing field. Up and down the fret board, field goals in the difficulty level of shredding the notes and scoring with a melodic trophy line.

When Ziggy and I hang out, he's a patient guitar. Helping me to reach and stretch and slide around his neck to perform a solid verse, chorus without messing up. It's way different than playing acoustic guitar. Ziggy is electrifying and bold. He doesn't care if I crunch out a wrong positioning on a string because he'll cover it up with the overlay of the next finger positioning. Like he winks at me....as if to say, "you'll get it girl, just hang in there, don't give up."

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