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Angels Smoke Cigarettes

Your guardian angel feels your cigarette smoke being dragged into your lungs...so, in effect, that divine entity smokes, too.

You see, it is just as likely that an angel will be hanging out with a crack addict as it would be an angel hanging out with a precious soul deep in prayer.

So, an angel is determined to sit by and watch as the cigarette smoke drifts into your lungs. They may create tiny little messages or set things in front of you to make up your mind to stop inhaling poisons. Or to pursuade you to think otherwise. Because they will not rob your free will. Freedom of choice.

You see, angels cannot truly interfere unless they are invited by you, or directed above based upon some other divine intervention none of us can readily explain other than redirecting a ripple effect which could have grave consequences to way too many ...

So, if you ever think that you are unworthy of divine company, remember that surrounding you is divine energy so intense that if you alert yourself to it -- the warmth of childlike joy will heat the chill of being so unaware.



Anonymous said...

Of course people are angels too. Some more angelic than others but we all are angels.

S a s h a said...

Interesting thought. Perhaps we're all fallen angels trying to rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, or perhaps we have always been angels but forgot how? Maybe only some of us remembered. Present company included! (You) LOL
Ride Safe!