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Mother Earth is crying...

The Real World is cradled in her palm...she is the FEMININE FACE OF GOD. [click on the artwork to enlarge it!]

She gazes upon her little World with all Her children inhabiting the Globe and wonders why can't they understand that THEY ARE ALL RELATED?

Why can't they help one another, as I have encouraged them to do so? Why do they IGNORE the cries, why do they silence the laughter? Why do they DO NOTHING when a whole lotta something needs to happen? And how can they think that all their failures have to do with me? And that all their successes have nothing to do with me -- that they have achieved everything they possess and all their accomplishments without the gifts of achievement, intellect, resources -- and so on...without an instant of my DIVINE GUIDANCE? This is what our GREAT MOTHER EARTH ponders.
Most important, why can't they take care of the GARDEN Earth that I have provided for my children to play, and dwell, and experience their physical lives?

The little earth spinning so fragile in space is simply linked by a single thread of gravity at the axis. What can I do? -- Mother Earth thinks out loud as tears pool around the moon of her right EYE. The SUN carries hope in the passion fire leaping off its surface...her watchful left eye that warms the globe.

Mother Earth wants every individual on Her Globe, Her Real World, to greet the SOUL of another, never mind just receiving the name, a hand shake, offering a simple "hello."
No, she asks that when we communicate whether with a family member, co-worker, acquaintence, or a stranger -- we need to greet their soul as an initial communication....because that is where the TRUTH RESIDES.

If we gather in the TRUTH as all times, the idea of activity follows next.
Let that activity be an action of love, no matter what.

She is highly estatic at the activities of her children who so care and so love one another and the Garden EARTH....our little home spinning in the Universe. But that is not enough. WE ALL NEED TO LOVE AND CARE FOR OUR EXISTENCE, OUR EARTH, ONE ANOTHER. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Because, that simple little thread of gravity that keeps the Globe ever spinning - is the AXIS OF LOVE.

This, my friends, is truly THE REAL WORLD.

Love and happy day,
Sasha xo

Note: artwork is mixed media with jewels on gessoboard, by Sasha.

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