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As many of you know, riding motorcycles is a very deep passion for me. Because it is a connection to my soul. It is the primary way in which my soul enjoys to communicate to the world at large, that and music and writing.

So, I decided I would combine this passion for riding with other passions, that of performing and writing music; and writing books and articles. I have composed a wonderful fiction book, though it is in the progress now. She (the book) is a story about female riders. She is good and it is about the journey. It is about the evolution that happens on the open road, saddled upon a chrome horse -- and what that chrome companion means to us.

This book, She, though that isn't going to be the title, it is my pet name for my first work of fiction in the form of a novel --- is going to reveal to the world so many things about the journey; about sisterhood; about how strangers are angels in disguise. Those who come along on our life journey and provide a sparkle to it.

The characters I reveal here because they are names which will linger long after the story is told. GypZ, Cherry, Jolene, Angie. These are the sisters. These are the sisters who will show the world what it means to have a passion for riding, and the journey of life. These are the sisters who are just like you and me.



mortalez said...

I loved your spirit you show in your writing.
I ride for thrill and speed, but I get such a rush, its almost like religion.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Four wheels move your body.
Two wheels move your soul.

Dean "D-Day"

Dean "D-Day" said...

A Love Letter...


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Sasha...I can't wait to read your book. When I read your postings I find myself close to tears sometimes because you have a spirit much like mine. You are an amazing individual and I'm so happy that God put you on this earth to share your passion with all of us. Ride on Chrome Cowgirl!