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New On The Horizon

A New Beginning. A New Horizon.

I am pleased to finally share with you that I am working on a few more film projects this year. I can't reveal all the details, but I will tell you that these projects are going to be INCREDIBLE, CELEBRATORY, HIGH OCTANE, FULL THROTTLE FUN!

They've all been in the works for a few years now. And these film projects completely speak to my heart, as they will to yours. It's been alot of hard work, passion motivated indeed, and with the motivation to leave a legacy that is life altering in a most positive and magnificent presentation.

Also on the docket is this other book which I've been scrambling to complete. It has been a most challenging project for me, because of several circumstances, but it is an example to perservere and never surrender to the difficult, mountain climbing seemingly impossible tasks.

You know, this fragment of memory comes to me....it was while riding in the bitter cold through Wyoming, alone, near penniless, and returning to the due-paying whilst trying to make all my dreams come true: You see, I wanted to quit. I wanted to pull over and cry and shout! The sky was as angry as I felt...thunderous and striking the ground with heat. The tears rained down my face as the sky pelted bullets of water from the deep dark clouds at 8am that morning.

I felt terribly alone. Caught in a fury of emotions from being frustrated that my dreams were taking so long to come true and so very tired from trying to prove myself, deal with artistic rejection from those gatekeepers that are the conduits to bringing art to the world.

Oh, it was freezing cold and my gear could barely keep me warm enough. But I would not quit. I grit my teeth and forged onward. My motorcycle was peeing oil on me. I couldn't afford the repair so just had to keep on feeding her like Dorothy tended to the Tin Man.

The sound of the engine, the thunder, it was crashingly LOUD all around me -- and I did not stop for the lightening. I watched it crack across the sky. I felt the same way...lashing out and striking the sky with self-pity streaks across heaven.

The emotions mounted, I was going near ten over MPH.... and just rode on for several miles with all this cacaphony.

Suddenly the rain stopped and this magnificent rainbow appeared. I was all alone out there. I pulled over, drenched, with tears in my eyes and completely felt that my Lord in heaven was showing me

a new beginning.

The horizon ahead was no longer dark...there was a silver glow between the clouds and the ground...a new horizon was ahead of me.

That was some four years ago. I've come a long way. I have not given up through the storms and have weathered them all. And not alone...at times I had good friends there....my kitty cats purring and loving up on me. But most of all, even though it seemed not, I had God there within me....showing me the way, and giving me hope.

So, here I am enjoying the prospects from that time when the horizon opened up and the rainbow stretched across the sky, outta sight end to end. However, the sky is still cloudy sometimes...but that's what can make it a cuddly moment, tucked under the gray ceiling of hope, and then bursting with joy at the sky blue activity of living and realizing one's dream!

Friends, no matter what, there is a new beginning on our journey, and a clear horizon through our storms.

Love ya!


Note: artwork is pastels, glitter, pencil on drawing paper, by Sasha. Frame artwork is also by Sasha and features jewels, paint and an assortment of mixed items adhered onto it.

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Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm still fighting against the storm but thanks for giving me the encouragement to trudge on.

God Bless!

Dean "D-Day"