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Okay, sigh, I'm artistic

You know, all these years I tried to BE other than an artist. I mean, I would be creative, and be artistic, but I wasn't an artist-type, because I would force myself to think average so that I could secure a regular job and pay the bills.

Now that I'm comfy in my personality more so than ever since riding off on my Harley some nine years ago and never looking back at that time when I was a square peg jamming myself into a round hole which surely was the round dot that sits below the swirly question mark, I'm able to get lost in creative moments and create works of art.

The funny thing is, I enjoy being the artist. I love it. I think on multiple levels and drift in a thinking state of mind. I love to spend time thinking and thus creating. To think is such a lost art. I don't want to be just a do-er, a busy body, doing tasks all the time. Many of us get caught up in this taskmastering crap. I want to think; really think some idea through and through and then do-it. Become active and turn the vision into reality.

In order to turn a vision or thought into a reality, one has to think a long time, and begin to sketch out the idea to bring it to life...to give birth to it. And then sometimes the vision happens in a flash, like lightening cracking and whipping across the sky, and then, trance like, we are like mad professors that quickly produce a fantastic piece of art.

I like to take the time to truly think about a project before I begin it. Though of course, I leave plenty of room and welcome those bolts of creative energy that may produce something at lightening speed, leaving me breathless and wild-eyed.
And when I begin a project, I'm thinking the whole time, and taking notes. Copious notes because I like to have a plan and possibilities. Sort of like here's the NUGGET of the vision, and then there it webs into a possibility of all kinds of wonderful opportunity for that NUGGET.

I like to be in my solitude and create works of arts that have a brilliant life of their own. It's like starting the bike and going on the journey, to a destination, oh yes, but what will occur in between MUST have a life of its own. There are many disciplines in which I enjoy creating projects and seeing them through to completion. Like music, writing, arts&crafts, sewing, motorcycle stuff, film stuff....etc.

And thus, accomplishing something fantastic....from these art forms.

Even if it's only fantastic to me, but I quest to create something fantastic for lots of folks to enjoy.

And God.

It's a created something. A vision come to life.

Taskmastering a bunch of routine things doesn't bring things to life but keeps us bound in a frame of routine thinking. To take the time to really think about stuff, and I don't mean just solving a life problem type of thinking. I'm talking about having an idea that you know is from your heart and soul and it wants a life. But, one must think about the idea, the thought needs breath and space to grow and live and morph and manifest outside of the brain.

All of us are artists. Creative and gifted. And, sigh, yes, I'm an artist and I will take such beautiful care of this reality. It's precious to have a passion for creating something for manifesting a dream, a project, whatever that creative thing is you have. Be the artist that you are.

Allow yourself the indulgence of time to think. Afford yourself the opportunity to just think. And then create the thought further by writing down the actions necessary to create the vision. And then make it all happen.

Sigh. It's the best feeling EVER. To create. To be an artist. That is truth. And if I'm thinking deeply and seem a bit flaky, it's because I'm lost...in glorious thought. If I forget to do a simple routine task, it's because my brain is occupied with fabulous creative visions. Not because I'm forgetful. Creativity requires responsibility. Dedication. And sheer Passion for LIFE.

I remember working at the record labels and THE ARTIST would arrive and I'd emerge from my cubicle to attend a meeting with them and their crew. And I knew I didn't belong working 9-5 because I'm a round the clock work whenever, whereever type of gal...the artist in me. But they would arrive as if from another world. They looked at everything like it could be turned into a lyric or a painting or a dance or poetry. They looked at things the way I did. But, I would have to work superhard at NOT daydreaming about artistic concepts. I had to be a focused corporate type of person (though I've HARDLY ever really been anything remotely corporate) . I was acting....at this role...to be the level headed realist.

Oh, the excuses. Well THEY are the artist and they can't be concerned about bogging their creative energy down with business things so don't ask them about that or this. I would think...gee I wish I had reps that would say those things about ME. "Leave Sasha to be the creative person because she's a powerhouse visionary and needs to focus her energy on creating." And the rep would of course keep me informed about all the business about my creative output, however, I wouldn't be bogged down with the darn details, the taskmaster crap, the solicitation of the art, you know what I mean my fellow artisans.

For every single project I create I also have written a business plan. Why? Because for me, as a creative person I want to understand the best way to deliver the creative project for which I am manifesting. Because part of being an artist is to be a great creative visionary.

These business plans also provide a linear manner of thinking for me when I am lost in wild creative thought where ideas and paths are like a glorious maze of mysterial creative energies popping and snapping and bursting with power.... and then I can get joyfully LOST in my creative jungle, that rainforest of epiphanies and I can sit upon a star and be one with the galaxy of artisans....creating and manifesting and contemplating all that is.... inspiring such brilliant energy to CREATE something from NOTHING....from the ethers of GOD's Will for His little person.

So, thus, I continue to meet with managers and agents. These are the folks who are a blessing to the artist. I've met two very WONDERFUL folks: Stan and Chris. I adore these two representatives of art. They are smart, they ride motorcycles, and they RESPECT the entire craft of being a visionary, thinking way beyond the boundaries of been there, done that. They are artists too. Because they are thinkers and dreamers, and believe in the possibilities of new art and old familiar love affairs, like how a rider loves to ride a motorcycle.

While we continue to meet, to discover the vast opportunities as a collaborative creative force, I pray....Oh LORD willing, that this artist, sigh, will be able to secure the business reps, in order that I may dream....get lost in thought, and focus all of my powerful energies on all things art, so that I can be locked into my purpose and deliver the fruit of my God blessed talents to the world.

Let me whistle while I work, and then get ready to go bartend at the hard core honky tonk, where I am the customer's favorite "yamn dankee"

Peace, Love, and DRIVE..... Sashxoa

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