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tuned vocals....nope we're talking campfire versions.

okay. the vocals on any of my demo songs that you hear on myspace are NOT tuned. they are just plain. i'm supposed to announce that they are unedited vocals. i'm still working on the vocal tracks, but i'm sitting with them....breathing them in and contemplating them. i might alter an arrangement here or there. sort of like when i perform a new song live and just live with the tune on stage, let it take it's course as it evolves into its final presentation.

you see, i'm writing and recording these songs pretty much home grown style. for now. what's fun about that is, when the final versions are finally recorded....whew....quite the production I would imagine. for now, they are CAMPFIRE versions. you know....versions of my songs as if we were all sitting around the campfire after a loooooooooooooooong day of riding far in the saddle.

we're just singing out loud and living out loud. tuned into our moment.

i felt i had to say these things, because the expectations of perfection are becoming increasingly soul-less. plus, in the music business, that's important lingo apparently. this campfire girl is just all about the crack snap pop and sizzle of a magic natural moment. lots of the songs i like to sit with and let 'em reveal the most awesome journey it's going to take not only me, but all of us on.

have a wonderful day...and week...
God bless.

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