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What if your life is anything but fascinating?

You know, meaning you haven't done anything obviously extraordinary like travel the world, make a million dollars, discover the next great whatever, brainstorm the coolest gadget, star in a movie, things like that. But what if you life is freakin' fascinating just because it's yours? Because it is.

For instance, the reason why your life is so incredible is because it's your life. That's what makes your life fascinating....deeply fascinating. The life you live, is only yours, nobody elses. How you live affects others, yes, if you're mean and horrible or delightful and kind...no matter what - there is a ripple effect to the way you behave and conduct your life.

There's NO ONE like you and you have special gifts and talents and a beautiful destiny. Even though you're struggling or not sure what your purpose is, or that your life is routine, boring dull = this all equals the makings of an extraordinary life because it is yours. It's all YOU, baby!

You make your life fascinating. No One outside of you can do that. I don't care who you meet that changes your life. You make your life. Your life is what you make of it.

So make if fascinating, as you wish...as you desire. You've got a PERFECT CANVAS called YOU. So create your life....using all the resources you have and make up the ones that you don't have....there's no lack...only alternatives.


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