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The Road To Dreams

This week I'm on the road to my dreams. Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles to meet with some Hollywood folks. It's fun and exciting...I do get my hopes up high...to greet God. I say to God, Lord, if this is the right opportunity for me, open all the doors, align everybody's energies, open everybody's minds and hearts to the process and have FAVOR on the project.
Every day I work towards my dreams. Oh it has been soooo hard! Anything worth coming to fruition takes a great deal of hard, hard work. Never give up...never lose your focus. Sometimes a project may have to rest, relax a while because it got tangled up for whatever reason. Maybe you can't give it the attention it deserves, but it's always on your radar.
Regular life, work, family, well that gets priority along with the beloved dreams come true. Back burner...to simmer....sometimes that happens, but it cannot be forgotten or it disintegrates into ash. I won't let this happen. Even when so many people may try to discourage the dream to come forward because they think they know the answers, when in fact, lots of times people vomit opinion as a matter of their own jaded perspective; and some offer opinion as a means to guide and create more opportunity and encourage new and refresh outlook.
In the past I didn't know HOW to decifer between the two different kinds of opinions that would come my way. Now, I'm better at it and that's because I pray ALOT. I take to the meditation...the quiet moment and reflect. Breath. I get still. This week, the folks I'm meeting with are major, accomplished, powerful. I'm so enthused because I will learn and grow and evolve. It reminds me of taking on a new adventure. My bags are packed. The bike is serviced and ready to go. I am prepared to greet opportunity which in turn equals a success.
Whatever the destination here, I will enjoy every single moment of the experiences this week. This is the road to Dreams come true. And the destiny is not in the hands of the big powerful people that I meet this week. It is in the palm of my great beautiful LORD and GOD, and by the POWER of the Holy Spirit that moves through the entire universe. My part...is to remain a willing human, a true character, a positive believer in attracting that which is good and fruitful and engaging to my talents bringing forth awesome projects to the world.
And you, dear reader, stay on the road to your dreams. Today, make a commitment to accomplish one thing towards making your dreams come true...even if it's just a phone call.
Peace, love and happy day....


Dean "D-Day" said...

WOW! Why do I always feel like you're talking straight through me to my soul?!?!

I have recently dusted off some old talents and started walking down a path that I have not traversed for many years. Your words of encouragement hit their mark - deep in my heart.

Good luck on your journey and God Bless!

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Sasha...you really inspire me to follow my dreams. I read what you write and know that I need to just keep on going. It's so easy to think about quitting sometimes but you just have to move forward and pray for the best.

Many thank yous to you for all you do. You are my biker chick idol.

Best of luck to you and seriously...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration I get from you!!

KT Did said...

Dreams are powers that move our soul. Your life will go in the direction it deserves and you will be blessed with being content as long as you never stop your desires.
Good Luck to You!

Mandy said...

Awesome posts girl!