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Limbo = a couple of definitions.
1. an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place.
2. a place or state of imprisonment or confinement.

Limbo. That's where I'm hanging these days. I've got all these incredible projects happening and I am in Limbo because the outcome is out of my hands. I put it to the universe. Down on one knee, persistent praying and now the waiting for the answer from GOD. This is when I need to trust, have faith, persevere.

I'm a living example of this limbo state. I feel confined because I have so much energy and desire to be making a living at the projects that I have created. They are not pasttimes - they are passions that I will to share with the world at large because fans around the world are asking more and more....from me. So I want to share my art with them.

This intermediate place is for intercession....meditation. To be still, though continue to pray, and continue to work as if I'm making a fulfilling living at my passion.

I've paid my dues. Those dues, you know...the long hours of toiling at a job yes you are thankful for because it pays some bills, however, it is temporary, the heart is in no way connected to the hours of toil. Just like you, trying to make my way, paying the dues.

Surely, there is always humility and due paying. I don't care how successful one becomes. I think that is the time to be most humble in life. Because if it wasn't for the grace, the answered prayers combined with perserverence and hardwork. There would be no fruit.

I'm a tree ripe for the opportunity pickins.....I just need to coordinate the tribe who will farm the fruit....and distribute it.

so it's limbo time. maybe that's why there is a dance called the limbo.

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