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you tube

Oh boy. I just learned how to upload video onto you tube.

All's I can say is eeek. What fun....hmmmm....the ideas are rollin through my mind.

The event is here...the debut of

On the Road with Sasha, the Chrome Cowgirl. This is the start of something really fun. Day in the life of real time. Little video bits daily about my Miss Adventures. That's it! I'll call my show:

A day in the life of Miss Adventure. Get it misadventure? So, On the Road with Miss Adventure....

Oh boy...stay tuned. Here we go!

www.youtube.com/chromecowgirls - check this out!


pauline said...

I must have come across your you tube clips just after you posted them. I enjoyed them and showed them to my husband who surprised me with your book last nite. I ride a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. Her name is Kate after Kate Hepburn a real forerunner in the advancement of women in a mans world. The book looks great and so far I have just enjoyed the pics.
Sorry you are stuck in Nashville if you don't want to be there. Maybe you should look into doing some Ladies Night events at Harley Dealerships with your book and a book signing. I think it would be a great idea to encourage more women to ride buy your book and maybe a bike or two!!

Keep your chin up and let me know if you want us to send you some Starbucks!! Pauline in NJ

Rosenkreutz said...

Hi, i just discovered you on the net. I'm not from the USA so it isn't easy to find your book here in Europe. By the way i just want to let you know that you rock girl :)



P.S. I made an account on Blogspot just to let you this comment! hehe