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Down The Road a Peace . . .THE ROAD.

The road is about peace...finding peace. Peace of mind. Peace of my heart. Hey gimme a peace of ass.

I love being on the road. The road is about that unidentifiable nomadic spirit. It's a spirit of wanderlust that dominates the road lover.

Beef Jerky is an adventure. How many different kinds of beef jerky? Let me tell you that those slim jim's are nothing but sad compared to REAL beef jerky found, in say, Laramie, Wyoming. That's road food.

Dieting on the road is a silly notion. Oh please. You ask the lady with the boof of hair that almost looks transparent for the last five inches of teased bits...almost like a cotton candy swirl on top of her head, go on and ask her for egg whites with no grease, cottage cheese and lettuce and tomato and see what ya git.

First, she'll ask you what you expect the kitchen to do with the yolks and that's a reasonable question considering they use alllotta egg whites already to make the boufiant lemon meriange.

Second, it'll take you a long time to get your breakfast, mean while every one else at your table is wiping the egg yolk crust off their mouth sides. Then you'll get your dish, ha ha, yes you will. Them egg whites will be a yellow tinge from the bacon grease and oh indeed your toast WILL be buttered. And the lettuce and tomato will be the shreaded kind like for hamburger topping. Go ahead. I dare you to get snippy with the cotton candy headed lady because she will see to it that you're breakfast won't come 'til after lunch.

See, what's funny about road food is the fact, now, that if you're heading for a home cookin' style mom & pop or diner, roadside stand, trucker joint, it's about eating what they're serving to you. STraying from the menu is kinda rude. The kitchen runs like clock work and it ain't the clock of your preferred pace, like say, NYC pace, nope, it's the pace that time was originally made for...tickin and tockin, clear and steady...no rush...just is kinda time.

So, how the heck did I get off on a tangent about road food? Because I had some deeeelicious french fries this evening at McHale's at 46th and 8th...a place that's been there since the '30s or so in Broadway star area. It reminded me of being on the road. I miss the road. Sure do...

Say, let's hear about your heart ache and pinin' for the road, folks...share with me now.

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DharmaChic said...

Hello fellow biker chics. I am riding my way from Minnesota to San Francisco and it is one hell of a ride. The great thing about riding solo is I can stop wherever I want for as long as I want and I can come to this website and yack about my trip. It is a morning of paradise for me in Las Vegas. I may stay for a day or two. That is if I catch the right roll of the dice. Lots of love to you all. See ya on the highway. --DharmaChic