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Down the Road a Peace... 5.16.04

Here I was in this mindset all the while that I'm okay without a fellow in my life. I'm just going to focus on my career, my spiritual evolution and healing from a terrible business relationship. Okay.

I've decided that it's really funny how we humans decide things all of the sudden. Like we're in charge of a situation. Well, we do have mind over matter, yes. But to just take a definitive position could mean losing out on a great situation because you closed yourself to it.

I don't want to close myself off to any great opportunity is my decision. I want to open my world to whatever I need to have happen to me to do God's will and let my talents be utlized beyond my own human bound measure.

Today was the street fair on Amsterdam Avenue. Oh it's near twenty blocks long. Vendors lining both sides of the street. I've always looked forward to walking hand in hand with my darling man while simply browsing and joining in the festivies. But what darling man? There hasn't been one in so long and the fellows that I had dated never felt like doing anything like wandering around an NYC street festival.

After mismatching myself with a string of Mr. Wrongs over the past several years. I just want a Mister Right. The right fellow who can dial into my soul. Adore the GOD in me. The truth of who I am. A man who delights in my personality, my spirituality, my whole being.

It seems that folks step into your life to change you. Set you in a tail spin, some crazy vortex of confusion because they try to alter your core in a way that you're not meant to bend. I'd enjoy finding a fellow who would simply adore me for ME and so that I could simply adore him. I live an unusual lifestyle on the road, as a multi-faceted artist with her finger in various pies at any one time. I enjoy living in different locations...not just one. All these things can seem wonderfully exciting to a new fellow at first, but then they want you to stop it all...and focus on what they want only. Oh boy! A few recent dates revealed this and I'm getting better at reading the flags early on.

At the moment, I'm racing the clock to get three major literary properties complete. Yeah I take on more than I can chew sometimes, but I was always the type of kid who would shove five sticks of gum in her mouth because it would create the biggest and best bubble.

So there.

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