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Harley-Davidson Sunglasses Review

Early this summer I decided to put these Harley-Davidson 5006 sunglasses to the test.  I loved the styling and thought I need to know if they are show and go.  Not just show.

They rock in the comfort department.  By far the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever worn.  Lightweight and well fitting.  The glasses did their job sun blocking and little did I squint.  My baby blues are super sensitive to light, too.   Stylistically, these shades went with all my outfits dressed up or down or bare....hahahaha.  I love the plain black with pink rhinestone Harley bar and shield decorating each  temple.  Classy.  Shiny.  Right up my Alley.   Wear 'em for the long haul or the short sashay.

Available in different colors, too.

Pick yourself up a pair.  You won't be disappointed.

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