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Jasmine Cain Band featured in Easyriders Magazine!

According to the article in this month's Easyriders, Jasmine Cain is known as the Pixie with an Axe. I agree. She plays killer bass and is a powerful singer and songwriter. Commanding the stage with sweet ferocity, she's been playing the major motorcycle rallies for years performing for several tens of thousands of people at any one rally and is finally getting tremendous recognition! I met her years ago and seeing her evolve into a superstar level artist is so exciting.

She has dearly earned this, putting her heart and soul into everything she does for her music. The road has been extremely long and filled with challenges that would make even the most accomplished musician want to hang it all up. Not Jasmine. She toughs it out because music is the oil that runs in her veins and she loves performing for any type of gear head audience, especially for the bikers.

Performing her stunning originals in a manner of stadium quality-showstopping entertainment, she's a walking library of great rock cover songs including country. High energy! She can play for four hours straight with only a quick 15 minute pee break, and this is NO easy task. Her stamina definitely comes from being a rancher's daughter and keeping up with the demands of tending to the farm, so, yes, she is areal cowgirl from the Wild West. She rides horses and dirt bikes.

You can't take your eyes off of this marvelous and eccentric-looking band. Jasmine Cain is an artist who has truly honed her craft on the road playing every style, with all kinds of bands, until she formed her own group. Jasmine Cain Band has also opened for a few national headliners. Her music is along the lines of Nickleback meets Evanescence.... if I was working in the record business again, I would sign her on the spot. She's one of the hardest working artists I've ever met and a TOUGH business woman too. A record label's DREAM artist.

Her second release is "Locks & Keys" which she co-everything'd and with pockets turned inside-out - foot the bill. A powerhouse collection of ballads and high octane rock, the album draws you in and you just can't let go of the listening experience, because her captivating style won't let you! Her first release "The Inside"received amazing reviews and she sold plenty at her shows and online.

Though Jasmine lives in Nashville, she's a native South Dakota girl born in Sturgis! When she's home here in Tennessee, you just might see her rollerskating down the honky tonkin streets of Lower Broadway, carrying her Warwick bass, her long purple, blonde and black locks blowing in the breeze. Yeah, she'll perform in rollerskates, too, when the mood strikes. Jasmine laughs all the time and loves to make an entrance. We have a super time together because we both love music and we're silly about everything having to do with the motorcycle lifestyle.

Oh, and another thing, here's a girl who, on her own, last minute booked The Whiskey and The Viper Room in L.A. all in one night and so impressed the booking folks that they told her she can come back anytime! That's a rockin' feat! She revs up the wildchild freespirit in everyone so life feels like a good time and an easyride! Biker chicks ROCK!

Go get the June Easyrider magazine and read the fabulous article about her. Oh, and it's the 420 issue, that is, the 420th issue. A must!We roarrred over that! However neither one of us partakes in the herbalessence. You can also read the article in the PG version V-Twin magazine. Yes, the article is written in such poetic language and in ol skool rockin' roll voice that it would make a great cover piece in Rolling Stone mag, too! Beautiful feature. It'll take you higher.

www.myspace.com/jasminecain - listen and watch some videos. Don't expect inflated myspace numbers. She doesn't "mine" for myspace fans. She doesn't hard sell anybody, she only wins everybody's attention. Haha! And she loves to make friends so stop by her myspace or at a concert and reach out.

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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I totally love Jasmine Cain and she is seriously so nice to her fans. I e-mailed her once letting her know how much I loved her music and asked her about the song November. Usually you never expect to get a thing back but a week or so later in my inbox was a message from Jasmine telling me how she appreciated me being a fan, etc. If you are reading this comment you seriously have to check her out if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed. She rocks and it's so wonderful to see all the attention that she is receiving.