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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.." - MARK TWAIN

Yes! So true this quote! When someone begins to tell you NO and starts emitting negative vibes, you just turn up the YES volume and awash a WAVE OF CONFIDENCE and DROWN OUT THAT negative energy. Just stand up to it.

WHO THE HECK IS ANYBODY TO TELL US NO AND CRUSH OUT LITTLE DREAMS AND GOALS? NOBODY. Everyone has opinions, just like hiney cracks... And alot of times those opinions STINK. Just odorous noise.

Stay in the GARDEN OF HOPE with your dreams! ladeedadeeeeeda! Nurture the seeds with the food of inspiration. Water the roots with faith. Then SMILE A SUNSHINE POWERFUL grin all over them so that those little dreams and goals will GROW UP TO BE BIG! FILLED WITH FRUIT! FILLED WITH BLOSSOMS!!!!


Make sure that your life is carefully filled with flowing rivers of divine inspiration from our GOOD Father in HEAVEN. The great UNIVERSE is filled with righteous information -- gormeut morsals of moral sustenance. Eat 'em up.

Anything BAD for you, creates BAD energy. Negative = BAD.

Now there's BAD to the BONE, as in Beautiful And Divine - that sorta BAD is way different.

I'm talking about the disgusting taste of crap that people season on your dreams....to make that delicious divine nugget taste awful and you think WELL I CAN'T SAVOR THIS DREAM. It's awful! It tastes like it'll never be a delicious experience.

NO NO NO! Don't let ANYTHING OR ANYONE belittle your precious ambitions. EVER. You pray about those things that make you feel like you can conquer the mountain as you strive for your goal. Oh yes....keep on keeping on. PRAY about direction for those precious little thoughts.

When a person comes along and says, to your heart and soul ambition, NAH, it'll never happen...for whatever reason. Remember to take those words and let them crumble and fall right in front of you AS IF THEY NEVER EXISTED. Those terrible words just shatter because they are the mirror of the ONE telling you such misery. SO THEY DON'T EXIST FOR YOU!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't EVER speak those negative words or thoughts to yourself about your precious beautiful dreams and goals! THAT'S THE SAME AS SPEAKING TO YOUR PRECIOUS CHILD AND CRUSHING THEIR DREAMS. Because, in reality, we must become child like and innocent, with great hope, with great imagination, with great gleeful energy, thinking that we can do whatever we wish that makes us joyful and feel on top of the world. We don't think little, we think big...because even the very biggest ambition, is precious and little and tender and amazing in it's own way. Like a star in the mass canvas of heaven, twinkling and dancing in the evening. LITTLE but enormous power.

Anyone who trys to belittle your ambitions and comes to you like a fading light...dim and nitwit....you just amp it up and overcome that darkness, my friends.

Love love love! To all!

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