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Broken Heart, Broken Van, Broke Down Bike

Okay. Here's happy Sasha...rolling along, life is good. Great....adventurous and so on....
then she meets Mr. Wrong and that's when she turned left where she should have went RIGHT.

Happy girl...turns sad. Get's a broken heart. Then her Van breaks down. Then her heart breaks again when she loses her NYC home because she's a striving artist with small bucks and rent control is no more! Then her bike breaks down.

Now she's sitting in East Nashville with all of her resources removed. Did I mention her laptop died, months ago, too?

Here's the fun part. All resources are gone and the only place I can go is to GOD for some:

God is all about FUN. He understands. He course corrects us. I need some correcting. I need some divine love, friends. I need some soul scrubbing. I need to understand what the hell to do!

Life isn't fair. But life is good. How do we deal with the mis-adventures. The bummers. The things that just are a drag. We friggin' swim. Swim 'til your arms hurt.... Don't sink. Float on a piece of drift wood, if you must. Like I'm doing right now...metaphorically speaking, I am a drifter on this river life.

I think I need to forgive, too. Forgiving is hard when you've been so dragged down. I stand tall. Won't take no more shit. But I will give my other cheek to slap, when I turn it. But then whomever is doing the slapping had better back up or get the back up.

Broken heart, broken van, broke down bike and a broke pocket too.

Well, if it's broken. It'll be fixed. Time for some holy Gorilla glue, eh?


Tribal_Woman said...

Hi Sasha,

There is this list I found of all these great "motorcycle" quotes. The one I really love and perhaps might resonate with you is "The best modifcations cannot be seen from the outside".

Seems to me you are in a great place to look at those mods (I'm sure you have been) and recognize the good enrichments to yourself that can come from disappointing situations. Then when you are ready get moving on and toward something that makes you smile and wake up ecstatic.

That's my interpretation, but I'm a defiant optimist in most situations. Sorry if it just gets on your nerves :). I'll look forward to watching you ride tall again. It's very cool to see you posting, hope I get to read more in the near future.

Hang in there,


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alan said...

Hi Sasha! Ya know.. for all the crap that you described, keep in mind you are living your dream and are out LIVING life and not holed up somewhere safe. I suspect you would go mo' crazee doin' that ;) I have no doubt you are like a cat and will always land on your feet and you will always have friends to help and cheer you on. Many friends you have yet to meet. Ride tall, ride free. And to that dandy, tandyjohn dude, I think Sasha already has a PhD in the greatest of all curriculums... LIVING LIFE! Cheers! Lassie!

KT Did said...

Things happen for a reason, even if we can't figure that one out. But we do ride the road and the journey is the trip. Crazy and corny as it sounds, but at age 52 I am riding that curved out road of divorce and new beginnings. I refuse to make it a negative at this stage in life. Hope things go well for you. We have a mutual friend... Stella who went with me to NY to ride the Lady Liberty ride. I love that city too! Take care you riding Gypsy.